Terere is Paraguay’s national beverage and similar to mate from both an ingredient and consumption perspective, yet distinct enough from it to have its own identity. A refreshing and stimulating beverage enjoyed by many Paraguayans during hot weather days.

Terere stands out from other beverages made with yerba mate in that it uses cold water instead of hot. This beverage has become very popular across Argentina and Uruguay.

Yerba Mate is an indigenous plant found throughout South America that has long been enjoyed by the Guarani people for centuries. The drink combines stimulating elements from coffee with theobromine and theophylline from tea, providing antioxidant-rich nutrients and natural diuretics while supporting weight loss through fat burning. Its complex flavor reminiscent of coffee comes complete with woody notes, earthiness and subtle bitterness for maximum pleasure!

Yerba Mate is often touted for both its stimulating effects and healing properties, including polyphenols and oligosaccharides which may reduce heart disease risk. When brewed, its leaves produce an acidic golden liquid with toasted flavors; when consumed through its signature bombilla metal straw it is passed around a circle of friends while making loud slurping noises.

Herbs that go along with yerba mate are known as yuyos and can include fresh mint leaves, lemon grass, basil and boldo (an herb related to laurel trees). Yuyos should be added after steeping to improve flavor and add medicinal properties – these herbs have been said to aid with stomach problems, headaches and sleeplessness; Paraguayans possess an in-depth knowledge of which herbs go with which illnesses and ailments.

There is an etiquette associated with drinking terere that should be observed. For instance, accepting someone’s guampa would be considered impolite as this could spread infectious illnesses to them. As well as being an event for socialization purposes, drinking terere is also an opportunity to connect and enjoy each sip slowly!

Terere is an invigorating cold herbal tea popular in Paraguayan culture and should be enjoyed throughout the day or as an interlude from drinking more intense beverages such as wine. Perfect for pairing with cookies or empanadas and sharing among friends at picnics or relaxing social occasions – so make sure you bring along some terere on your next outing or outing! It is available for sale in many local stores and cafes too if that option suits you better!