There’s no disputing that slot machines are among the most profitable casino games, making them a prime target for cheaters. Although casinos have implemented systems designed to prevent their tampering with, professional cheaters still find ways to use manipulation techniques on slot machines that pay out huge sums of money in winnings. We will discuss some of the most infamous ways of cheating slot machines and evaluate their feasibility in real life situations.

One of the first known methods of cheating a slot machine involved using magnets. This was common with older mechanical machines and involved placing magnets beneath winning combinations when they stopped, then once removed would trigger payout and pay out as advertised on screen. While such cheating techniques no longer work due to modern slot machines being programmed with random number generator software, desperate gamblers would use them often in hopes of upping their chances.

An alternative means of cheating slot machines involves using cell phones to tamper with coin and bill acceptors on slot machines. Usually, this was conducted by teams of two people working together; with one broadcasting signals to another cheater’s phone which vibrated at just the right moment to indicate when to press spin button. Keep in mind, however, that this practice is very dangerous and potentially illegal; engaging in such conduct could even land you behind bars for violating criminal statutes.

There are also various hacks that can be used to alter the outcomes of slot machine spins, often through knowledge of how its random number generator operates. One such engineer at The Nevada Gaming Commission who knew how to hack a slot machine for years before being caught was Ronald Dale Harris.

More recently, cheaters used an EPROM chip change as a method of cheating slot machines. Although risky and complex, this was a popular tactic used by cheaters to gain an edge against casinos. Sometimes cheaters would even replace all or part of an EPROM chip to create a copycat slot machine – an act which should never be attempted at home! This type of cheating should never be attempted as it can lead to serious legal repercussions as well as possible injuries.